Wireless Jack Customers and Testimonials:

2C Architecture, LLC
Alpine Energy Company
Benchmark Appraisal, Inc.
Brendon Pierson, Inc.
Carton Law Firm
Clydesdale Auto Body
Coombs Chiropractic
Cornerstone Child Therapy Center, LLC
The Crab’s Claw Inn
Creative Film Corp
D’Amico & McConnell Realtors
Edward J. Dooley, D.M.D.
First Baptist Church
Forever Better Golf, Inc.
Global Demolition and Hauling
Jami Enterprise, Inc.
Jenkinson’s Night Club
Turf’s Up Landscaping, LLC
All In the Family Dental Care
St. Mark’s Catholic Church
JT Lane Corporate Gifts, Inc.
Louise Decker
Dr. Lawrence Decker
M. Wilk Consulting, LLC
Melillo Architecture
Mercy Center
Franchise Coaching Systems

Roy Farfel Stunt Man
Black Trumpet
Mahady Surf Boards
Colleen the Teacher
Imagery Print & Promotional Products
Surf and Offshore
S.I.L. Fitness
OEM Concepts, Inc.
WD Communications
Ryan Church Supplies
Annie Betts Designs
Tess at Home
J. F., Murray Company
Rod’s Olde Irish Tavern
Nyberg Fletcher
Mad House NYC
Josten’s Inc.
Broadway Ray
Hewitt Wellington Hotel
Diane Turton Realtors
It’s Good Spring Lake
Boom Burgers
Image Design Concepts
Coast Capital Partners, LLC
Thanksgiving 1959
Big Mohawk

To Whom It May Concern,

    Several months ago, I finally decided I was going to do something to improve the lagging performance of my home PC. I noticed an advertisement for Wireless Jack in our local newspaper. Due to the close proximity to our home, I decided to give Jack a call.
    The telephone call, service visit to my home, and end result were far beyond what I had hoped for. Jack’s professionalism, knowledge of computer hardware and software, and integrity were instantly evident. Wireless Jack solved our computer problem with a smile and in much less time than I thought it would take.
    I have already recommended Wireless Jack to my friends experiencing computer glitches, and their response of total satisfaction has matched ours. Jack’s respect for your time (he makes an appointment and arrives when he says he will-not this “between the hours of 9am -3pm” routine we’ve all grown accustomed to), expertise and reasonable rates can not be matched. We are confident that we have found THE computer expert for our future needs!

Professionally Yours,
Dr. Ryan J. McCafferty
Wall, NJ

To Whom It May Concern:

    It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Wireless Jack.
    We had an aging computer system that continually gave us access and operational problems and it needed work. I saw an ad by Wireless Jack whose headline was “Computer Mess???” and this was surely our condition.
    After describing our situation to Jack; considering the age of our system and the amount of time it would take to clean it, he suggested that we buy a new, inexpensive desktop PC and he would set it up and restore the data from our old system. This is exactly what we did and have been delighted with the results.
    An additional advantage of having a relationship with Wireless Jack is that whenever we have questions…some not related to the work he did, he is always willing to provide assistance.
   Based on his knowledge, professionalism and cooperative attitude, I highly recommend his services.

L. Donald Rizzo
President, Barone Associates
Allenwood, NJ

To Whom It May Concern:

    I would like to highly recommend using the services of Wireless Jack. For over two years, he has been providing excellent service for my company, SIL Fitness, and we have never been disappointed in his responses to our varied needs.
    Wireless Jack always responds immediately to any problems or issues that arise. He returns all phone calls and shows up for appointments when he says he will. He is very pleasant to work with and does not hesitate to come back many times to resolve issues .He is thorough, professional and fair in his pricing. He knows exactly how to solve complex issues and is very clear in describing to us what needs to be done. We have great confidence in the work he does for us.
    Wireless Jack's dependability is a major reason why we continue to utilize his services. There is never a question of when or if he will show up, or whether he will provide high quality service. Knowing we can call upon Wireless Jack when a problem arises gives us all at SIL Fitness a great sense of security.

Ed Castellanos
S.I.L. Fitness
Brick, NJ

Dear Jack,

    I am writing this letter of recommendation so that all I may share how happy I am with the professionalism and wonderful service that your company provided to me.
    First of all, I learned about Wireless Jack from his consistent advertising on the front page of our local town newspaper. When I phoned the company Jack Ryan (the owner) answered. There were no long message machines or prompts, just a live person on the phone! Most impressive was all the time Jack took to listen to my concerns about my home personal computer.
    My software and system were over four years old and my computer was running very slow due to outdated software etc.
    Jack picked up my CPU (tower) at my home and returned it to me the next day by 12:00 noon with all the software updates, installs to my PC, and upgrade to my RAM.
    Now our home computer is running like brand new and the entire family can enjoy going on their desktops again. Prior to Jack fixing everything, my PC was a mess and my family all but abandoned it.
    I told Wireless Jack that he is my computer hero! It is so reassuring to have someone you can trust, and know that the job will be done right. He is professional, reliable and fair.
    I have already told my friends and co-workers about Wireless Jack, and they have already used his expertise to make their lives easier.
Thank you Jack!

With high recommendations -- Sincerely,
Lana Sorrentino
Point Pleasant, NJ

To Whom It May Concern;

    I was looking for someone to help me install the Verizon DSL equipment on my old computer. I checked the Coast Star, our local paper, and saw Wireless Jack's ad. I called Jack and made an appointment for him to come over and install the DSL equipment. Jack discovered that I needed an additional piece of equipment which he supplied in order to make my antiquated computer work. If I tried to install the DSL on my own I would have never figured out why it wouldn't work with out the extra hardware.
    I finally decided it was time to upgrade to a new computer I selected a Dell. I called Jack to disconnect the old equipment and install the new. Jack explained in lay terms the new system features. Jack is a very personable and knowledgeable person. I'm sure I will be calling on him again when I'm ready for a new printer.

Mrs. Mary Knox
Manasquan, NJ

Dear Wireless Jack,

    I want to thank you for an awesome job getting my office and home completely wireless. Before you came our office was strung together by messy cables stretched across the room.
    Now we can browse the web in any room in our house, even the bathrooms! The kids love having the old laptop while they play games.
    I also want to thank you for cleaning out our newest PC, with the loads of junk files it had stored on it, adding the DVD-Burner drive, and adding the Fire wire 1394 port for us to start editing videos.
Thanks again. I will surely recommend you to our friends.

Augie Schumatti
President, Schumedia, Inc.
Point Pleasant, NJ


    In telling friends of my search for a technician to solve my computer problems, they referred me to Wireless Jack, in as much as they had had computer problems which he solved with expertness and speed.
    Heretofore, I had been led to believing that my computer problems were not solvable so I called Wireless Jack to see what he could do. I was similarly impressed when he resolved the problems.
    I, therefore, strongly recommend Wireless Jack to solve all computer problems.

Jane Chick
Spring Lake, NJ

Dear Mr. Ryan:

    I can highly recommend your level of professional in dealing with my systems issues.
    I first saw your ad in the local newspaper. You responded to my inquiry very quickly. We were able to set up an appointment where you came to my home promptly.
    You not only were able to fix my problem, but also make my computer more efficient.
    The next day you called to follow up and make sure my system was running effectively.
    I can highly recommend your computer services for your professionalism, promptness, and extreme understanding of systems issues.

G. M. McLoughlin
Sea Girt, NJ

To Whom it May Concern:

    This is a much deserved letter of Recommendation for the services I received on more than one occasion from Wireless Jack. First of all Jack was recommended to me by my sister Bernadette Hogan and my father Jack Mac. So it was easy to trust that Wireless Jack was a good choice for me.
    My computer was completely under attack from a virus that rendered it useless and with kids who need it daily for homework it was a NIGHTMARE.
    Once I called Jack it was not long before the whole mess was fixed. He returned my call promptly and we made arrangements for him to come over ASAP.
    Wireless Jack was like a doctor who had the right remedy to get our computer working again. It was a major relief when things were back to normal and the kids could use the computer for all of there homework. I highly recommend Wireless Jack and will not hesitate to call him or email him in the future if need be. Wireless Jack is the Doc for all your computer ailments.

Megan Gepp
Spring Lake, NJ

To Whom It May Concern:

    We have three computers in our household, one desktop and two laptops. When we decided to go wireless, it became confusing for us on how to configure our various computer equipment. I saw a "Wireless Jack" ad in a local newspaper and decided to give them a call. Any initial hesitation I felt about using a company that was unknown to us was quickly dispelled after a timely and courteous response to my inquiries was had. A day later, Jack Ryan arrived at our house and had our system up and running in short order. He cleaned up our glitches, and we had an efficient, fast system at last.
    My husband and I are "older" computer operators, relatively speaking, with rudimentary skills. Jack was very patient with us and did not seem to think any questions posed were dumb, although I felt everyone else must know these techniques. As a result of our positive experience, we decided to have Jack back on a tutorial basis to get the most out of our computers. We are in the process of streamlining a system to manage office and household affairs. It feels wonderful to finally have a sense of control over our lives. When we have had questions, Jack has very graciously given us his time to guide us over the phone.
    I would not hesitate to recommend "Wireless Jack" to anyone, in matters simple to complex, for home or office. It has been a pleasure to work with Jack, and we are happy we decided to take that chance and make the call that has made our lives easier.

Diane Torres
Spring Lake, NJ

To Whom It May Concern:

    It is a privilege to write a Letter of Recommendation for Wireless Jack.
    Jack Ryan has been an invaluable source of help and information to our company for the past two years. He personally moved all of our computers, servers, LANs, printers and accessory equipment from our northern New Jersey facility to our present location in Spring Lake Heights, NJ.
    He guided the installment of high-speed cable modems and digital subscriber lines, so that we had minimal down time.
    We have encountered very few operating problems and software impasses and Wireless Jack responded quickly and efficiently to correct any problem we did encounter. He is always available at his website, e-mail or cellular phone.
    Jack is responsive, technologically informed, and communicative, as well as a pleasant and reliable person to work with.
    We recommend Wireless Jack as an invaluable source of reliable computer services, big or small. When we have IT problems or questions, we always call Jack.

Thomas A. Miller
President, TA Miller Co. & Orion Investments
Spring Lake Heights, NJ

    We highly recommended Wireless Jack and his services.
    First and foremost Jack comes to your home or business. This eliminates the need For you to disconnect all of your equipment, pack it up and deliver it to another Location. Once it is repaired it is not necessary for you to pick it up and re-install Your computer and equipment. You also know that the computer is completely Repaired and in working order because it is being done right in front of you.
    Our home computer was so "Fouled Up" with Pop-ups Ups" and "Viruses" that we Really stopped using it and considered getting rid of it.
    Once Jack arrived, he explained to us just was wrong. He made his repairs, Answered all of our questions, installed some anti-virus and anti-pop up blockers. After Jack made his repairs our computer and equipment have worked just fine.
    We found Jack to be highly skilled and professional. He is reliable and keeps His appointments. We have given his business card to our family and friends.
    These are some of the reasons we highly recommend Jack and his services.
    We will be contacting Jack in the future to help us install and understand our New digital camera and ink jet printer.

Mike and Sue Cooper
Bricktown. NJ

To Whom It May Concern:

    I would like to highly recommend Wireless Jack for any and all computer services that require your attention. Jack has been working with us several years and he has always achieved with great excellence in handling our computer problems. As many people do, we tried often to solve our difficulties by ourselves, only to find that we were creating more problems than solving them. We now have learned to call Jack first. He responds immediately and if we cannot solve our problems over the phone, he visits us very quickly. Almost always our problems are solved within a few hours. My recommendation is not to hesitate and lose valuable down time. Call Wireless Jack before things get worse.

Rev. William McLaughlin, Pastor
Asbury Park, NJ

Dear Jack,

    I wish to thank you & your organization "Wireless Jack" for the professionalism & friendly down to earth communication, which allowed me to understand & follow your instructions, to correct my computer problems.
    I have no hesitation in recommending "Wireless Jack,” to anyone at any level of computer skills, who has the need for your services.
    Should the occasion arise, I would be pleased to answer in detail any questions regarding the above statement.

Philip D Majorek
Kresgeville PA

To Whom It May Concern;

    This letter is to provide a wholehearted recommendation of Wirelessjack.Com. The business model provides a comprehensive "needs based" service approach within the tri-state area. I personally affirm Jack's professionalism, expertise, and IT capabilities are above reproach.
    I wish the company extensive growth and success in the future.

Harry Ryan
Brielle, NJ

Dear Jack,

    Let me start by thanking you for getting me back on track with my financial record keeping and updating through Quicken and the Wachovia Bank.
    It was a real pleasure to go online this morning and update my accounts in Wachovia Bank, which I have been unable to do, for quite some time. I have been in touch with Smith Barney and the problem should be resolved early next week.
    It is comforting to me, knowing that if I have a problem, I can call on you for assistance. If I could only talk on the telephone, I would not have to contact you for help.
    As Shirley told you, we have several friends with computers, who get in trouble from time to time, so we will give them one of your cards and you may help them, as you helped me. Jack, it was our pleasure meeting you.

With Best Regards,
Thomas L. Bushey
Sea Girt, NJ

To Whom It May Concern:

    We first called Wireless Jack when we had an emergency situation with one of our computers. We had found Jack from an advertisement in the Coast Star, a local newspaper. We were sure that our computer problem was hopeless, and that we had lost all our data. He answered our call, was able to repair the problem and restore our data. He then went on to explain what we could do to vastly improve our system, and make life a lot easier for us. We were truly grateful to find someone who was not only a computer genius, but someone who was warm and friendly, and was able to clearly explain "computer jargon" to us. We found him very comfortable to work with and his knowledge of computers impressive.
    Based on Jack's recommendation, we ordered new computers for our office, which we had Jack install. He's always very accommodating with scheduling. His work is excellent, and he always has a little tip or suggestion for improving our system. He's keeping us up to date with innovations of which we weren't aware. It is great to know we now have someone we can call anytime, with a problem or simply to ask a question.
    We keep his business cards on our office bulletin boards and in our briefcases, just in case. We wouldn't call anyone else. Wireless Jack's our man, our computer man!

Kathy & Bill Gallagher
Spring Lake Heights, NJ

To whom it may concern;

    "Wireless Jack" was actually recommended to us by my sister who had experienced similar problems with her computer. At first I had tried "The Geek Squad”, but when they arrived to fix the problem they started quoting a different price, plus if it wasn't actually the problem it would cost us more money. We then went with "Wireless Jack" and we couldn't have been more pleased. Jack came over promptly, explained what was most likely the problem took our hard drive and fixed the problem. He has since answered many other questions that we have had even though he fixed the problem many months ago. We have and will continue to recommend him to anyone who is seeking help with their computer!!

Claire Benvenuto
Allenwood, NJ

To Whom It May Concern,

    We would like everyone to know that having a great experience with computer service is possible. Wireless Jack has been responsive since the first telephone call.
    Service has been professional, convenient, courteous and very well done. Most service for our home network was accomplished in one visit. Their problem solving skills ensured elimination of unnecessary visits and costs. Wireless Jack has helped to maintain our computers at peak performance by teaching us simple procedures that we can accomplish ourselves.
    I would highly recommend without reservation Wireless Jack for all your computer service needs.

Edward and Susanna Dooley
Brielle, NJ

    Wireless Jack was at my restaurant within the hour to fix my temperamental computer, when the computer was fixed it was never temperamental again. For anyone with a computer problem I would recommend Wireless Jack in a second.
Thank You Wireless Jack!

Mark Mikolajczyk
Black Trumpet
Spring Lake, NJ

To Whom It May Concern:

    It is a sincere pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for “Wireless Jack”. I first called on Jack Ryan from “Wireless Jack” whose name I got from a recommendation of another store owner here in the town of Manasquan. I was skeptical at first because of all the prior so called “computer experts” I’ve dealt with either left me with my computer problems unresolved or more confused than I was before I was when I called.
    I knew from Jack’s professional appearance and demeanor the moment he walked through the door that I may have finally found the person who could actually solve my computer issues. He asked me a few simple questions (not in tech lingo) about my business and the software I use. I don’t know how, but it seemed he had a perfect understanding of the consignment software I use and how I use it in a matter of minutes. He had my computer up and running perfectly, paralleled with giving me an easy understanding of what the problem was and how I could prevent future problems. I never hesitate to call on him for any computer questions or glitches I have as he is always quick to respond and always has a simple and friendly solution.
    Needless to say, I highly recommend “Wireless Jack” for any of your computer needs whether it be simple or complex. I think Jack has the “magic wand” to solve any computer problem and make you feel at ease!

Birgit Graham
Elegant Exchange
Manasquan, NJ

To Whom It May Concern:

    Wireless Jack has changed our opinion of technology! Prior to using Wireless Jack, my husband and I, who both do work from home, were constantly experiencing viruses, delays, and computer crashes. These problems were frustrating and time-consuming. Initially, we attempted to resolve our computer problems with our PC manufacturer. This was costly and always resulted in a temporary fix.
    After contacting Wireless Jack, he not only responded immediately, but within one week, we were back in business. We were both impressed with his responsiveness, turnaround time, and ability to explain what he had done without the confusing tech talk.
    We have already recommended Wireless Jack to several friends and family members. Everyone agrees. Wireless Jack is the quickest, easiest, and friendliest way to overcome your PC challenges.

Danielle Heuer
Manasquan, NJ

To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing this letter to recommend the services of Wireless Jack.
    I currently maintain a home office that includes two computers. I have used Wireless Jack to set up and both of these computers. Not only was Jack very knowledgeable, professional, and competent but he was easily accessible and very responsive.
    Since I utilize my computers on a daily basis in the normal course of business it was very important to me that Jack responded immediately so that I was able to minimize the amount of down time. Many other computer technicians that I have used in the past did not have such standards.
    Obviously, I was very pleased with the services of Wireless Jack and have no reservations whatsoever in recommending him to others.

Michele Wilk
M. Wilk Consulting
Retail Real Estate

    I saw an advertisement for Wireless Jack in the Ocean Star and gave him a call when my previous computer person was unavailable. He called me back immediately and I liked his professionalism. I've utilized his services a few times now, so I don't remember exactly what computer issue I was having the first time I called him. I remember being really pleased with his ability to correct my problems and explain them to me so that I was able to understand them. I have since used Wireless Jack for my home computer and in my office, and have always been satisfied. I have recommended him to family members, friends and colleagues without hesitation and everyone has been pleased with his service.
    The last time I used Wireless Jack, he helped me with an industry- specific billing program and spent time talking to tech support, which streamlined his troubleshooting of my problem. I've called him in a panic, and he has been able to get to my office the same day that I called him. This is important to a business owner.
    Not only does Wireless Jack get the job done, he is always pleasant and totally professional during the task. I find his prices to be really fair, too. Don't hesitate to call this man. He will not disappoint you.

Arlene Roncin, DC
Point Pleasant, NJ

Dear Jack:

    I found your advertisement in our local newspaper, “The Coast Star”. I’m so glad I did because you were a tremendous help to purchasing my laptop computer and setting everything up!
    In everything you did and taught us, you were a great big help, you communicate very, very well and helped us a lot.
    We thank you very much and look forward to doing continued business with you.

Robert & Ruth Brungraber
Slip Test, Inc.
Spring Lake, NJ

To Whom It May Concern,

    Rarely, if ever, have I provided a referral for any type of service to family members, friends, or coworkers. However, there has been one exception to my personal policy: Wireless Jack. My professional standards of excellence are quite high; Jack’s are even higher. He has not only met, but far exceeded all expectations.
    Our relationship with Wireless Jack started four years ago when my family and I became “technically challenged” by our once friendly and obedient computers. All five personal computers were suddenly virus and spy-ware infected. Technical support from three different vendors was not only outsourced, but each phone call lasted at least an hour. Resolutions were temporary and often appeared to create a whole new set of problems. By early evening, howls of frustration could be heard from various parts of the house.
    From the onset of our computer problems, I started to scan the classified ads for not only an expert in the field, but also a name/company who offered and guaranteed a brief but thorough list of services. Only one qualified: Wireless Jack. Jack called me within in an hour and was at the house the same day. This prompt and professional response has since characterized every single call/SOS sent out to Jack for the past four years from my husband, three daughters, and me.
    Jack possesses an in-depth knowledge of all computer-related components, including but not limited to, installations, repairs, upgrades, and wiring. Within our family, on a scale of one-to-ten, computer broad-based knowledge ranges from two to an eight. Jack has the unique ability to successfully communicate and translate a highly technical language to an individual’s level of comprehension.
    Jack consistently demonstrates an acute awareness of, and sensitivity to individual client needs. My husband and I have home-based offices. Last year I ‘retired’ from my position as a middle level school teacher and started my own tutoring service. My husband commutes to the city three times a week, but works from the house the other two days. Jack’s recommendations and subsequent system upgrades have not only proven both time and cost efficient, but also resulted in significant increases in business revenue.
    Throughout the years, Jack has maintained a strongly developed sense of professional and personal ethics. Based upon the positive relationship my family has enjoyed with Wireless Jack, I whole-heartedly endorse him for any computer service you may want or need. Highly adept at identifying problems and implementing successful solutions, Jack has achieved the ideal balance of providing services that are both qualitative and quantitative in nature.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me through www.colleentheteacher.com if you need additional information.

Colleen G. Avery
Spring Lake, NJ

To Whom It May Concern:

    It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation for Wireless Jack. I was first referred to Jack Ryan by a mutual QuickBooks client. I can honestly say that he has become a valuable asset to my business.
    As a Certified QuickBooks Pro-Advisor, my business relies heavily on the use of computers. I used to panic when the slightest “technical” problem occurred. Since I have met Jack, I am now confident that all my computer problems can be solved. He responds quickly to any call and is always ready to assist with the utmost professionalism, kindness and patience.
    I have referred Wireless Jack to my clients on many occasions and I will certainly continue doing so in the future.
    Thank you Jack for making my life easier!!!!!

Yours truly,
Maryann Stelluto

    I have had at least half a dozen computer "experts" over the past few years. Some have temporarily fixed issues but most have masked problems that seem to reappear as soon as the check clears. It was very frustrating. Jack was highly recommended to me from a family member. He showed up at my house almost instantly and although my computer was a huge mess he was able to bring it back to life. I have thrown out the paperwork from every other repair shop I have used and now I'm the one HIGHLY recommending wireless Jack to anyone with computer problems. Like a lot of people I am lost without my computer. Thank you Jack for giving me one less thing to worry about.

Penny Boss
Wall, NJ

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